Thursday, 31 January 2013

My Marathon Blog

Week 3 (20 -26 Jan)

Unfortunately the snow did affect my marathon training this week.  Although secretly I was quite glad I had an excuse not to go out running on Monday after I had ran 7.6km the day before!!  I wasn’t able to make it out for another run until Friday morning where I managed a short 3.7km run.  I did struggle with this run and I think this was because it had been so long since my last run and I was too busy concentrating on the zombies chasing me (this is from the zombie running app, not actual zombies) that I was not thinking about breathing correctly, which is when I began to come into some difficulty

However on Sunday morning after a come dine with me evening with friends I was persuaded by my husband to go out on another long run 9km this time! My husband promised me it was mainly downhill, however after we set off I quickly realised it was all up hill with a short steep down hill at the end!. I should have realised this as we were running in the town where I live and it is built on a hill! To give him his due I think this was his attempt at getting me over my mind block when it comes to hill running, however after struggling and having to walk parts, my mind block is very much still there! I also learned a valuable lesson that day ‘never go running with your partner’.

This week other members within the team have been continuing their training; Trish has now gradually built up to running 5km on a treadmill! Well done Trish.  Dave made it to the gym but realised he had forgotten his headphones and quickly headed home vowing to start his training next week. I call that a cop-out Dave!.

It would be great to hear from anyone else who is running for Scottish Adoption to get in touch and let us know how your training is going.  Also any tips and advice from other runners for me and our team would be appreciated, leave your comments below and I shall try out your tips and report back on how I got on with them.

If you would like to support our runners you can do so by donating to Scottish Adoption by clicking here.

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