Tuesday, 12 February 2013

My Marathon Blog

Week 4 (28 Jan – 3 Feb)

Ok it’s week 4 of my training and everybody that is running on behalf of Scottish Adoption has now begun their training and fundraising. Between us all there is a mixture of road running and treadmill running going on although with the weather I think the runners using the treadmill have the right idea!  This week I have managed to get out for three runs, one 8km run and two 4km runs. The wind has been a killer and at times I felt like I was running but not getting anywhere!  It’s difficult to feel motivated when the weather is atrocious and I have to keep telling myself it is all for a good cause!

Alex McDonald who is participating in the relay with his children is becoming increasingly concerned that he is going to let his children down as they are going to the gym every night and following different running programmes whereas Alex has a more sporadic training schedule!  Alex used to run marathons many years ago and is relying on his level of fitness to return quite quickly.  Well done to his daughter Nina as she has managed to raise £140 so far which is fantastic!  

Our Scottish Adoption running  t-shirts arrived this week and look very nice, so please look out for some of our Scottish Adoption runners on the road or in the gym and let us know if you see any.

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