Tuesday, 12 February 2013

My Marathon Blog

Week 5 (4 - 10 Feb)

Oh dear this week was a non starter for me as I have been floored with the cold and only managed a run on the Friday morning which was a slow 5km run, but I have to add, with two big hills, so I feel slightly better about not running all week. I was heartened by a couple I work with this week who gifted me a lovely rainproof running  jacket and the “The Art of Running Faster” by Julian Goater & Don Melvin, they did assured me that I shouldn’t be put off by the title as it provides a lot of good techniques. My first though was, wow how thoughtful and I thought about how I could start running home faster when it started to rain!!!  

The book has helped a lot and it is important to learn the art of actually running first. It certainly made me think more about how I run and breathe and I tried some techniques out on my Friday run. I’m sure it looked a bit odd to other people, but it did get me up the hills without stopping, although I was nearly overtaken by a dog walker.

Well done to Dave McGregor who has managed to pass the £100 mark in donations so far for Scottish Adoption! Which means he better remember his headphones now and get to the gym as the pressure is on! He did go running at the weekend and managed a 5km run in just over half an hour so I don't think he will have much trouble with his training, but he does eat a lot of cakes at work!  I have also seen several of my friends who are running on behalf of Scottish Adoption out running this week and I have been getting regular updates on their progress so everyone is out doing their best. We are all making a great effort to get fit, train and to raise money for Scottish Adoption.

Please do leave your feedback on the blog at the bottom of this page and leave some training tips that can help improve our running!


  1. Great to read about your training progress for the Edinburgh Marathon. Good luck!

    Thanks for linking up to the Weekly Adoption Shout Out.

  2. I couldnt possibly comment on training for a marathon, sorry x but i found your post on the WASO

  3. I'm running the London Marathon for TACT so this is brilliant to read. Would love to know what those breathing techniques are. Could of done with them as I tackled a big hill this morning.

    Thanks for Linking up to The Weekly Adoption Shout Out