Thursday, 21 February 2013

My Marathon Blog

Week 6 (11 - 17 Feb)

Another week and only 14 weeks to go until the Edinburgh Half marathon and four weeks until the Edinburgh Kilomathon! This week I decided to start following the BUPA Half Marathon Training Programme for beginners, not sure if it is a good one or not but it looks ok? I did three runs of about 5km each this week. On Tuesday I ventured into the gym and had a go on the treadmill for the first time which was great. It was so much easier than running outside but the fact that I never changed the incline probably helped!  I managed to run 5km in 28 mins on the treadmill which is a new record! On my rest day I went along to a Krav Maga class which was really good however at the end the instructor decided to do a fitness test which was not recommended as part of my rest day and left me exhausted after 15 minutes of shuttle runs and burpees as well as bruised from the first part of the class! Next week I must remember not to do this on a rest day!!

Lots of the other team members have been out and about training. Eva Jamieson was out running this week in gale force wind and was struggling to stay on the road but she kept on going and managed 3 miles.  All good for the training.  Dave McGregor managed 7km on the treadmill in 45 mins he is gradually beginning to build up his distance.  Dave has ran half marathons in the past but hasn't run since he completed the Edinburgh Half Marathon last year.  Alison Hanlon ran 7.78 miles after work this week which is more than her 7.5miles that she needs to run in the relay.  I think I will swap with her!  I think we are all looking forward to the lighter nights coming so that we can get running outside in the evening.  Alex McDonald is feeling the strain and is wondering “why did I agree to do this?”

In response to comment on last weeks blog and the question in relation to my breathing - I start off breathing in for four steps and out for four steps then as I get faster it changes to 3 steps in and 3 steps out and then when I am exhausted it changes to 2 steps in and three steps out.  It appears to be working for me and counting takes my mind of the torture of running!

It is always good to remember why we are all running this year’s Edinburgh Marathon and that is to raise funds for various projects and activities that are part of Scottish Adoption's children’s work. As well as keeping our current groups running, we would like to run some transition groups for children entering P1 and S1 and to take our teenage group away for a residential weekend.

We have runners in the Full Marathon, Half Marathon as well as three teams in the Relay Race, it will be a fun filled day and you can support the Scottish Adoption Marathon teams by making a donation here or why not support the team by coming along on the day and cheering on our runners.


  1. Thank you for answering my question about breathing, I will be giving that a go. I must admit I really don't like running on the treadmill but with all the recent snow I've had to just get on with it. Even with all the hills around me in the peak District I much prefer running outside.

    Thanks for linking up with the Weekly Adoption Shout Out

  2. As a fellow runner (although not for adoption!) I am interested in the counting breaths comment. I've never counted them! Does it help performance? Good luck for your training and the race.