Thursday, 7 March 2013

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Week 7 & 8 (18 Feb - 3 March)

At last the sun has began to shine! This makes running so much more enjoyable, although it has left me with the dilemma of how to keep my headphones in when I’m running. Recently, it's been so cold that I have been running with my hat on, but as it was sunny this week I decided to run without it! This didn't last long as I had to put my hat back on to stop my headphones from falling out! I have tried several different kinds of headphones but none of them have been very successful yet. If anyone has any tips on which headphones are best for running then please let me know or I think I will have to buy a sweatband, 1980's style, to keep them in as I can’t run without my music!

This week I managed to run three times with my longest run being 5.5 miles. I am finding that running is getting easier and I am managing to run up steep hills very slowly rather than going backwards! I went running with my friend this week which really helped keep me motivated as I find it easier to stop and walk when I am alone. I have now downloaded the endomondo app which is good for keeping in touch with your friends who are running  and seeing different maps in your area.If you have this app as well let me know and we can connect via it and check out each others progress.

Other Scottish Adoption runners have also been training, Colin Grant went out for his second run in his marathon training and managed an amazing 6km in 25 minutes. Well done! I think you are going to be the fastest Scottish adoption runner at the half marathon. Dave McGregor had ordered new running trainers in the hope that they will make him run faster and he can catch up with Colin! They arrived and look amazing and he is very proud of them, just wait until his first run outside and they get all dirty! Alex McDonald is continuing to train with his children and he managed a 6km run this week and felt that he could have kept going.
David's new Adidas Boost trainers that he is so proud of.
There appears to be some rivalry between the male team members as to who is going to run the fastest on the day, I'm keeping out of it but secretly hoping it's going to be me!

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